2016 – 2018 Goals & Strategic Initiatives (Draft)

Improve communication & collaboration among outreach professionals, programs & proponents

S1: Adopt & implement brand identity for Ky3C and raise public awareness of Ky3C.

S2: Coordinate KnowHow2Pay statewide student PSA contest to integrate student voices into outreach messages and media.

S3: Further expand partnership to organizations with shared mission and goals

2016: Establish structure & process for membership development & management

2017-18: Expand membership to include employers & business representation

S4: Develop inventory and asset map of College & Career Outreach Programs & Supports

            2016: Complete & disseminate directory of member programs & contacts

2017: Expand asset mapping activities to inventory non-member programs &   organizations

2018: Publish interactive statewide resource map of college & career readiness   & success programs & supports

GOAL 2: Expand access to evidenced- based training, resources & best practices that support college & career success

S1: Support development and implementation of Kentucky College & Career Competencies for Student Success

2016: Champion and build support for KY College & Career Competencies for Student Success

2017: Develop plan for training and ongoing professional development for outreach professionals that is aligned with competencies.

2018: Implement training plan & expand to include activities & measures for non- traditional students.

S2: Statewide Professional Development Event

2017: Host or co-sponsor statewide professional development conference for outreach professionals.

GOAL 3: Partner to promote shared understanding of the impact of policies related to college & career success

2016 – 18:

Offer Ky3C presentations at regional and statewide events and groups

Develop talking points document of current CCR policies

Develop and publish Ky3C Annual Report