An Update from the Ky3C Chair

The Ky3C Coordinating Board meet in December to review the current goals and strategies of Ky3C, as well as the governance, management and financing structure of the organization.  The review of the progress toward the accomplishment of the current strategic plan showed that progress has been made with several goals.  Several milestones had been achieved and there was momentum to continue the work of the organization.

With the goal of continuing and sustaining the work of Ky3C for the long-term, the Coordinating Board is proposing several initiatives to move Ky3C forward.  These proposed actions will move Ky3C toward long-term financial viability, focus organizational goals, ensure value-added  services for our member organizations, streamline our governance structure, and enhance our management and staffing.

The 2017-19 goals and strategic initiatives have been focused on improving communication, collaboration, and professional development among outreach professionals, programs, and proponents through a statewide coalition of member organizations.  The current Steering Committee and Coordinating Board have been combined to form a single Coordinating Board and a financial plan has been developed to fund a full-time position housed at the CPE for the next two years.

We welcome your comments and thoughts about these plans for the future of Ky3C. Please do not hesitate to contact me or other members from the four charter partner agencies (CPE, KYAE, KHEAA & KDE).  This is an exciting time for Ky3C and Kentucky.

Thank you for your continued support, partnership and involvement.


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