Mission & Values

Our Mission

The purpose of the Coalition is to align, enhance, and expand college and career outreach efforts statewide and to improve communication, collaboration, and professional development among outreach professionals, programs & proponents through a statewide coalition of member organizations.

Our Core Values

1. Collaboration creates value and empowers change

Ky3c members will be more successful in attaining their/our individual objectives by collaborating with partners. Ky3c serves as a conduit for best practices and innovative strategies that expand student opportunities.

2. Postsecondary education doesn’t just mean college

Ky3c uses the term “postsecondary education” as the attainment of credentials beyond high school, including professional and technical certificates, as well as academic degrees, which lead to successful employment opportunities and pay a sustainable living wage.

3. College & career readiness is about more than just academics

Students need to be socially and emotionally prepared to adapt to the rigor, responsibility and accountability of entering college and/ or the workforce.

4. Career education is integral to student success

Career exploration and planning must be an explicit goal and interventions must be early, consistent and sustained.  Early exposure and varied workplace learning experiences for students are critical.

5. All Kentuckians deserve the opportunity to access and complete education beyond high school

Education beyond high school is essential in a knowledge-based economy. Low-income individuals and individuals of color are completing such education at significantly lower rates than others. Ky3c is committed to closing these gaps and ensuring access and success for all.

6. All students need an informed, trusted community of support

Students and families need to know what resources, programs, and professionals are available to support them.

7. Integrating diverse audience voices into outreach messages and initiatives is essential

Ky3c is engaged and involved with students, parents and other audiences in the development of common messages and outreach strategies.