Steering Committee

Steering Committee (meets monthly)

The Coalition Steering Committee will guide and advise the
Coordinating Board to ensure maximum statewide impact and
alignment of strategic priorities with the stated mission and vision.
This steering committee has four (4) standing seats designated to
represent the state’s interests in statewide outreach efforts across
the education pipeline—K-12 education, student aid, workforce
development, and postsecondary education. This committee will
be comprised of a representatives appointed by each founding
partner organization and will assume responsibility for the following

• Propose and recruit an initial slate of nominees for Coordinating

• Provide guidance to and monitor the Coalition’s strategic
planning and work planning; assess the options and make
recommendations to the Coordinating Board.

• Monitor, evaluate and report on the progress and outcomes
of Coalition activities including addressing challenges and

• Pre-process issues for consideration, including the provision
of guidance on the preparation of Coordinating Board
meetings; Alternate hosting of biannual Coalition meetings
(excluding biennial Institute)

• On the basis of delegated authority from the Coordinating
Board, make decisions on issues judged not to require the
consideration of the full Board;

• Propose refinements to Coalition governing model to the
Coordinating Board as needed.