Coordinating Board

Coordinating Board (meets quarterly)

The Coalition Coordinating Board will provide overall strategic direction and coordination of efforts for the Coalition to meet its mission of strengthening college and career readiness outreach practices in Kentucky. The Board is supported by a non-voting facilitator appointed by the Convener and is comprised of thirteen members:

  • Four (4) Steering Committee members
  • Six (6) elected Members-At-Large
  • Three (3) workgroup chairs

The Coordinating Board will:

  • Elect a Board Chair, Vice-Chair, and Workgroup Chairs through transparent selection processes
  • Adopt a three year strategic plan based on input from Coalition members, including annual priorities & work plan
  • Guide the development of biannual Coalition meeting agendas
  • Monitor the performance of Coalition’s work plan against a set of approved metrics.
  • Establish the overall principles and direction for the governing, administrative, and advisory bodies of the Board and any additional Board structures (e.g. workgroups, focus groups)
  • Establish and oversee the strategy for expansion and sustainability of the Coalition, including identifying potential funding resources to support Coalition efforts.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the governance model, including amending the composition of the Board, creating
    or terminating structures, and adjusting governance processes and policies as necessary.
  • Provide a platform for all stakeholder voices to be heard and mobilize resources to promote the value, affordability, readiness and completion of postsecondary education.