Ky3C 2016-18 Goals and Strategic Initiatives

The goal of the Kentucky College & Career Connection Coalition is to improve communication, collaboration, and professional development among outreach professionals, programs & proponents through a statewide coalition of member organizations.

 Key Strategies:

1. Establish Ky3C as a sustainable statewide network

Action steps:

  • Hire a dedicated full-time staff member to coordinate the work and growth of the Coalition
  • Expand Coalition to institutions, agencies and organizations with shared mission and goals
  • Partner with students organizations and groups to incorporate student voice into outreach efforts and messages

2. Expand access to professional development opportunities for college and career outreach professionals

Action steps: 

  • Convene Coalition membership at least annually to offer professional development, share relevant policy updates, and highlight best practices and research
  • Partner with the Kentucky College and Career Coaches Association and other key organizations to develop professional development and training for outreach professionals aligned with the Kentucky College & Career Competencies for Student Success.

3. Support communication and common messaging in college and career outreach efforts statewide

Action steps:

  • Support the continued development of a statewide inventory and asset map of college &career outreach programs & supports